Lillian Pitt with a Cast Glass She Who Watches

About Lillian Pitt

Native American Artist
from the Pacific Northwest

Regardless of the medium, my work directly relates to and honors my ancestors, my people, the environment and the animals. This maintains my link with tradition and acknowledges the many contributions my ancestors have made to this world.

A Columbia River Artist

Lillian Pitt is a Pacific Northwest Native American artist whose ancestors lived in and near the Columbia River Gorge for over 10,000 years.

Called simply the Big River or the Nch'i-Wana by her ancestors, the Columbia River was the backbone of one of the largest trade networks in all of Native America.

The Focus of Her Art

Lillian's focus is on creating contemporary works of fine art that delight today’s art lovers, and at the same time, honor the history and legends of her people.

Primarily a sculptor and mixed media artist, Lillian’s lifetime of works include artistic expressions in clay, bronze, wearable art, prints, and most recently, glass.

Her works have been exhibited and reviewed throughout the Pacific Northwest, nationally and internationally, and she is the recipient of numerous awards and distinctions.

Sculpture collage

Where Her Works Can Be Found

Lillian’s works are found in personal collections, art galleries, and museums. They are also found in numerous public spaces including parks, schools and cultural institutions throughout the region.

Lillian's most recent public works are featured at the Vancouver Land Bridge, one of the seven Columbia River “confluence” projects, designed by internationally renowned architect Maya Lin.

Printable Bio and Resume

For more information about Lillian Pitt and her works, please explore this website.  If you need a "printer-friendly" version of her bio or resume, please click on the links below.

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Bronze Sculpture: Dreamer

Cast Glass on Copper Base: She Who Watches

Mixed Media: Standing at the Edge of the Universe

Monotype: The Twins

Silver Jewelry: She Who Watches

Public Art: Salmon Totem

Dreamer She Who Watches Standing at the Edge of the Universe Monotype Print She Who Watches Jewelry Raku Clay Mask

Her Most Recent MediumCast Glass Shadow Spirit

Just as her ancestors would have done, Lillian makes creative use of whatever materials are available and appropriate to the task at hand.

Some of Lillian's most recent works are made from the mediums of cast glass and fused glass.

Lillian says, "I love using glass because of the sense of depth I can create in my sculptures, and because it helps me to create the kind of spiritual quality I'm often trying to achieve."

While glass is her most recent medium, Lillian continues to create works in all of the various media she is known for, including clay, bronze, jewelry, prints, and mixed media.