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Special Exhibits

At Museums, Other Historical Organizations & Fine Art Galleries

It’s been a great honor to show my works at special exhibits aimed as much toward educating people about Native American arts and culture, as toward selling art.

I have always felt that my art was more than just art for art's sake. Beyond the sheer enjoyment I get out of creating beautiful art and seeing people buy my art, my goal has always been to give people a glimpse into another world ... into another way of life.

So thanks to all of those organizations who have honored me by allowing me to bring special exhibits and installations into their communities ... so that people can not only be thrilled with what they see, but so that they can also learn.

Special Exhibits & Installations

Places where Lillian's works have been displayed as installations and special exhibits, or where she has been involved in educational opportunities for the public include, among other venues:

The Goal of Lillian's Exhibits

Lillian's art has always been about giving voice to her ancestors, and about helping people broaden their point of view about who the Native American people were and still are. The same is true about the many exhibits she has been involved in over the years.

Replica of a longhouse on bottom; artistic interpretation on top
At the top -- an example of one of Lillian's installations, this one for the Oregon Historical Society in Portland, OR.

The image shown here at the top was one of the installations Lillian created for the special exhibit at the Oregon Historical Society titled "Building on the Frames of My Ancestors." The image is Lillian's artistic interpretation of what the "frames" of a Native American longhouse home would have looked like.

The image at the bottom is of a replica of an actual longhouse made out of tule mat, which was on display at the Maryhill Museum of Art in Goldendale, WA.



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Special Exhibit at Hallie Ford Museum

Lillian is well known and highly regarded among other artists in the Native American art world, and frequently works in collaboration with other artists on public art projects and special exhibits. She is pictured here with four other highly acclaimed artists, who exhibited together at the Hallie Ford Museum in Salem OR.

Left to right: Rick Bartow, Joe Feddersen, Lillian Pitt, James Lavadour, Phillip Charette
At Hallie Ford Museum, Salem OR.
Left to right: Rick Bartow, Joe Feddersen, Lillian Pitt, James Lavadour, Phillip Charette

I am always happy to be asked to do an installation or special exhibit, and I am honored that I have been asked so often. While the look of my art may evolve and change in a variety of ways over time, I doubt that my goals to educate people through my art will ever change.