Glass Art

Lillian Pitt’s glass art reflects Native American Culture of the Columbia River Gorge. And, just like her art in other media, it helps to give voice to her ancestors.

My glass art is similar to my other art from a cultural perspective. That’s because my glass art portrays images that reflect the Native American culture of the Columbia River Gorge.

My glass sculptures are especially important to me because of the spiritual effects I’m able to achieve using glass as the medium. I think that the translucent effect of the glass helps to create the sense of being able to see through the current world and into the world of my ancestors.

Aside from the spiritual aspects, my glass art reflects Native American culture of the Columbia River Gorge, just as my other art does aw well.

—Lillian Pitt

Glass art reflects Native American culture…

Glass Art: Shadow Spirits … NEW!

Glass Art: Vessels … NEW!

See How Lillian’s Glass Vessels are Made

Creating artistic expressions in the form of glass vessels is a team process, taking both the artist and a team of technical experts. The artist creates the design and provides artistic oversight of the process; the technical team is responsible for executing the design to perfection.

Many thanks to the team at the Schack Art Center in Everett, WA, that worked with Lillian to make many of her glass vessels. Many thanks to them as well, for documenting the process in the photos here.

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