Statue of She Who Watches at Central Oregon Community College in Bend, OR

Public Art

Large-Scale and Smaller- Scale Projects

I've been able to work on a fairly broad range of public art commissions over the years, both large and small. I'm always thrilled when I have that kind of an opportunity, because so many more people will be able to see the works I create.

I hope that my public art will cause people to wonder and to learn about the Native Peoples who lived throughout the Pacific Northwest region. I want my art to teach people. I want people to not only enjoy the art, but I want the art to stimulate people into wanting to know more about the history of my ancestors, and the contributions they made to this world.

The Hillsboro Civic Center "Riverbed"

Though public access to the sacred sites in the Gorge is limited, Lillian wanted everyone to have the opportunity to experience these ancient symbols and their power to heal and teach. She was able to do so when she and her team were commissioned by the Civic Center of Hillsboro, OR to recreate the Columbia riverbed and surrounding cliffs in a public art project that opened in June, 2005.

The image in the facing column offers an overall view of what the site looks like. Shown below are some of the reproductions of petroglyphs carved at the site.

Rock Carvings at the Hillsboro Civic Center



Other Public Art Projects

Various public art projects

Several of Lillian's Public Art Projects

Shown here are several public art projects Lillian worked on over the years for communities throughout Oregon.

Chief among these is "The Riverbed" project at the Hillsboro Civic Center. Also shown is the "She Who Watches" sculpture at Central Oregon Community College in Bend, as well as a temporary installation that appeared for several years in Lake Oswego. The rock carvers at work were participating in a workshop that Lillian was teaching.

Central Oregon Community College

The striking piece of public art that Lillian created for the
Central Orgon Community College in Bend, OR., was installed on their campus in 2006. It's made out of bronze and stainless steel, and it sits on a concrete slab. It measures 8' tall by 3' wide by 12" deep.

The image is an interpretation of a pictograph that sits high above the Columbia River. As legend has it, the pictograph is of a woman chief of the Columbia River People, who Coyote turned into a rock so she could watch over her people forever.