Art by Media

Lillian Pitt started her career in art creating sculptured clay masks, but since then, has worked in various types of artistic media. Lillian’s repertoire of artistic accomplishments now includes works of fine art made from clay, mixed media, bronze, prints and glass. Most recently, she has developed a line of fine-art jewelry, primarily cast in silver, and often incorporating natural stones.

Various types of artistic media all reflect her ancestors

While Lillian’s art is contemporary, generally making use of contemporary tools and materials, the images she portrays in her art always reflect some aspect of her cultural heritage.  Regardless of the medium, Lillian’s work relates to and honors her ancestors, the environment, and the animals.

Lillian Pitt describes the types of artistic media she uses …

I really like to work with various types of artistic media.

If my ancestors had access to all of the materials we have today, I’m quite certain they would be making use of them. So there’s really no reason for me to limit myself to the materials that my ancestors had available.

And besides that, I really like to apply my designs to different types of artistic media because I think each type of media adds a unique dimension to the designs. Bronze, for instance, has a sense of being very permanent. It reminds me of the petroglyphs that my ancestors carved. And glass has a translucent effect that makes the images seem other-worldly.

But whatever the medium, I always stay true in the art I create, to the culture and traditions of my ancestors. The art itself may be contemporary, and yes, I use contemporary materials, but the underlying messages are meant to honor and reflect the lives and traditions of my ancestors.

—Lillian Pitt

Types of Artistic Media

Here are links to some of the fine art creations by Lillian Pitt, by media, which are housed on this site.