Chemawa Indian School

Lillian and her collaborators on this project, Saralyn and Mikkel Hilde, designed the facia for the Chemawa Indian School Health and Wellness building to reflect and honor the many and varied native people who attended this school over the years.

Facia for the Chemawa Indian School Health and Wellness Building

The images for the fascia of the Chamawa Indian School Health and Wellness Building are based on a study of the designs of beaded bags that are reflective of the region. The backing for the facia is stainless steel; the images are crafted from car reflectors.

Administrators who commissioned the work wanted to create an inviting entrance to the facility … one which would be seen by Native American people entering it as a welcoming place where they would feel comfortable.

Lillian makes clear that her intentions in working on this commission were not to honor the historical practices at the school, which were in part designed to annihilate the native cultures. Instead, her intentions were to honor the native children who attended the school, who did so in earlier years against their will. Her mother and father were among them. And, in addition, Lillian welcomed the idea of creating an inviting place for current-day people who are in need of care.

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Here are some links to information about the Chemawa Indian School. As you read this content, please be aware that the Native American views of reality are often at odds with the views of “white” people who write about the history of the Native Americans.