Galleries and Events

Lillian Pitt shows her art in numerous fine art galleries, museums, and cultural organizations from Maine to Oregon. She is also been a featured guest speaker and panelist at numerous events focused on Native American art and culture.

Lillian’s “small works” of art are also be found at various museum and other gift stores where Native American arts are in high demand. One such place where Lillian’s works can be found is at the Fort Vancouver Book Store and Gallery, in Vancouver, Washington. Here’s a link to that site: Fort Vancouver Book Store and Gallery.

Lillian’s work has been chosen to be featured in the annual “In the Spirit” celebration of Native Arts and Culture put on by the Washington Historical Society.

This annual event works to celebrate contemporary native arts and features art that is juried by a panel of experts in the field. Although this year’s exhibition is entirely virtual, the Washington Historical Society is still providing a platform for artists to show their work amongst their esteemed peers and is hosting a “virtual arts market” on the Washington Historical Society website (link: We invite you to see all that this exhibition has to offer, it is scheduled to run until October 17th, 2020 and Lillian has many fine pieces of art available in the “virtual arts market”. More information :

Lillian Pitt Focuses on  Teaching through Art

Lillian Pitt, an accomplished Native American artist, exhibits her art at galleries, museums and other venues throughout the country. Her focus is on teaching through art.

Lillian looks forward to meeting you at one of the locations where she may be speaking or displaying her art. Please see the “upcoming events” section on this page for details of where she will be, when. And, don’t hesitate to contact Lillian if you’re interested in bringing her art to an event that you, or someone you know, may be planning.

Lillian Pitt loves teaching through art…

I’m honored to have had my art shown at so many wonderful art galleries and museums over the years.

It’s always a delight to me when people engage in my art, particularly when it encourages them to want to know more about my culture and my ancestors. I really feel as if I’m as much a teacher as I am an artist, and I really love teaching through art.

I also feel privileged whenever I’m called upon to give a talk or to be involved in an educational event. I’ve participated in many of these types of events over the years, and believe I have a responsibility to do so.

So, to me, it’s not just about art for art’s sake.  It’s about teaching through art.

—Lillian Pitt

Teaching Through Art: Examples

Teaching through art is a cornerstone for Lillian’s artistic creations, from the individual works of art she creates, to her public art, and to the worthy causes she supports. Take a look through this site to see for yourself.