Art of Lillian Pitt at Raven Makes Gallery


June 22-24, 2018


Raven Makes Gallery, Sisters, Oregon


Lillian Pitt will be showing many of her latest works at this one-woman show at the Raven Makes Gallery in Sisters, Oregon. Included will be some of her most recent creations in glass art, jewelry, and mixed media.

Art of Lillian Pitt

Though Lillian Pitt’s work has been displayed in multiple galleries and museums over the years, this is the first time in ten years that it will be displayed at a gallery in Central Oregon.

Lillian Pitt, a highly accomplished and well-regarded artist, began her career working in clay. Since then her works include artistic creations in bronze, glass, mixed media, and jewelry. Her art, which is contemporary in nature, reflects the traditions, lifeways, and symbols of her ancestors. Her ancestors lived at the heart of a Native American mecca for trade in the Columbia River Gorge for more than 10,000 years.

Learn More about Lillian Pitt

Learn more about Lillian Pitt’s lifetime of accomplishments and her dedication to keeping the memory of her ancestors alive through her art.

The Art of Lillian Pitt at Raven Makes Gallery

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