Other Public Art Projects by Lillian Pitt

Lillian Pitt has worked on numerous public art projects over the years. Many of them are found elsewhere on this website. Other public art projects by Lillian Pitt are shown here, including projects at the Hillsboro Civic Center and Central Oregon Community College.

The Hillsboro Civic Center “Riverbed” Public Art Project

Though public access to the sacred sites in the Gorge is limited, Lillian wanted everyone to have the opportunity to experience these ancient symbols and their power to heal and teach. She was able to do so when she and her team were commissioned by the Civic Center of Hillsboro, OR to recreate the Columbia riverbed and surrounding cliffs in a public art project that opened in June 2005.

Central Oregon Community College Public Art Project

The striking piece of public art that Lillian created for the Central Orgon Community College in Bend, OR., was installed on their campus in 2006. It’s made out of bronze and stainless steel, and it sits on a concrete slab. It measures 8′ tall by 3′ wide by 12″ deep.

The image is an interpretation of a pictograph that sits high above the Columbia River. As legend has it, the pictograph is of a woman chief of the Columbia River People, who Coyote turned into a rock so she could watch over her people forever.

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Lillian Pitt has been involved in numerous public art projects over the years. Click here to see other public art projects by Lillian Pitt …