Prints and Tapestries

Prints and tapestries reflect Native American culture of the Columbia River Gorge.

Working with prints and tapestries helps me feel connected to the ancient rock artists, who are a part of my Native American ancestry.

My prints and tapestries reflect Native American culture by incorporating the same symbols used by these rock artists.

These artists etched out thousands upon thousands of pictographs and petroglyphs up and down the Big River. Most of them are underwater now, on account of the dams that were built, but many of them are still visible today.

I’m not able of course to climb up onto a mountain and carve pictures into stone. But I try to replicate the symbols used by these artists as best I can. And so, my prints and tapestries reflect Native American culture by use of similar symbols.

A prints and tapestries lesson…

One time, when there was an exhibit of some of my prints and tapestries, a Native American elder from South Dakota asked if I had permission from the spirits to create these prints that I had etched. I sincerely felt at the time that I had, and I thanked the elder for helping me to stay true to the inner meaning of my work.

I am forever grateful to that elder for reminding me of my true obligation as an artist.

—Lillian Pitt

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