Public Art

Just like all of her other art forms, Lillian Pitt creates public art that depicts Native American culture and heritage.  The focus is generally on people who lived in the Columbia River Gorge region or in adjacent areas.

Lillian often works with other Native American artists in the development of large-scale public art installations. She has also served as a juror for a range of public and other art projects sponsored by museums, galleries and community groups throughout the country.

Lillian Pitt describes her commitment to
public art that depicts Native American culture and heritage …

I’m always thrilled when I work on a public art project. Like my other art, my focus is always on reflecting Native American culture and heritage.

That’s because so many more people will be able to learn from the works I create.

And I’m fortunate because I’ve been able to work on a fairly broad range of commissions over the years, both large and small.

I hope that my large-scale art installations will cause people to wonder and learn about the Native peoples. In particular, about Native people who lived throughout the Pacific Northwest region.

I want my art to teach people. I want people to enjoy the art. But more important, I want the art to stimulate people into wanting to know more about the history of my ancestors and the contributions they made to this world.

—Lillian Pitt

Public Art that Depicts Native American Culture and Heritage

LEARN MORE: Please contact Lillian Pitt if you’re interested in learning more about her public projects, and/or if you’re interested in discussing future public art projects.