Stonington Gallery Mask Exhibition 2018


June 7-30, 2018


Stonington Gallery, Seattle, WA


Lillian Pitt is a participant in the Stonington Gallery Mask Exhibition 2018.  The Mask Exhibition is a highly-acclaimed and anticipated event, which takes place each year at about the same time. Mask designs to be included in the show span multiple traditions along the Pacific Northwest coastal areas.

Stonington Gallery Mask Exhibition

This show shines a light on masks as a universal, ancient, challenging and magnificent tradition among the peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast. From the Chinook people of the Columbia River to the south, and north to the Inupiaq of Barrow Alaska, the mask plays a central role in the cultural life of the region.

Artists have been tasked with the challenge of creating masks that are striking from an artistic perspective, which at the same time animate a being of cultural significance to native people, whether that being is supernatural or “real.”

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